Trust gains trust

After rushing through a freezing January morning, I was very much looking forward to my lunch break which I pictured to enjoy in a Bavarian Gasthaus. Until today Bavarian cuisine has always made me feel at home. A quick internet research led me to the “Gasthaus Pirach” near Burghausen and when I entered, I knew immediately: This is the right place.

Arriving there the architecture appears pretty rustic from the outside, in contrast to the cosy and welcoming atmosphere in the guest room. Reading through the menu I discover a lot of delightful delicacies and I can hardly decide for only one of them. From schnitzel to kaiserschmarrn, there is a big choice of dishes that my Bavarian heart is craving.

Finally, the plate with a delicious buttery zander is standing in front of me and I can’t believe my eyes – crispy salad, tender fish – this serving is enough for 2 people. That’s how it is in Bavaria: All dishes have to be bigger than the plate, otherwise the host is considered very stingy.

As the saying goes, my eyes were bigger than my belly, I have to give up half-way. Obviously, it would be a shame to throw the remaining food away, but I have simply had enough. What a pity!

“Shall I wrap it up for you?”,

Gisela Rompf, the intent host, asks me when she sees me struggling with the food. Shortly thereafter she comes back with a high-quality box of glass with my leftovers inside. Not the usual styrofoam or aluminium box, I am visibly surprised. She smiles at me and explains:

“This is much more environmentally friendly and the next time you’re around you can bring it back.”

A traditional Bavarian guesthouse as a pioneer in innovation. I am impressed!

However, I’m secretly wondering whether this system REALLY works for them. Doesn’t every guest just keep this nice and useful box? Gisela seems to feel my scepticism and explains:

“Amongst 100 guests there was not a single onewho didn’t bring back the box.”

She smiles and adds:

“Very often our guests even return the boxes with a little note or some sweets in it. There were also some guests who sent their friends or neighbours to bring the box back and this way we’ve even been referred new guests. This fact makes us particularly happy!”

Thank you for this wonderful idea and greetings to our Service Hero, Gisela Rompf!