service quality and customer orientation to increase your bottom line

What does Service mean? Is it old-fashioned to serve?

For some it is an oil change for your car, for others the friendly waiter…
– there are unlimited perceptions of what service means.

We want to be very clear about your needs so we can successfully achieve the desired results. We find the following questions, among others, important to ask to evoke change in an organization.

  • What is the purpose of your organization?
  • How do you envision the future of your organization?
  • What are your specific plans for the future of your organization?
  • What core processes are currently in place for quality of service?
  • How and when do you implement your plans?
  • Which checks and balances do you have in place?
  • Tell us about your experiences.

After the initial Q&A we visit your organization to learn first hand about your service culture. This is where we are in our element: What type of people work here? How do they interact and talk with each other? Which service processes are being used? And how are your clients responding to them? We listen, watch, and collect information and will then present you with a proposal.

We create a service concept that fits your organization like a glove – with the input of employees from all levels of your company, which motivates and brings everyone on board to work towards a common goal. We don’t advise from afar, but are working right alongside you on the implementation of the new processes.

Our conviction: When employees and clients are happy, business will flourish.