Disco Taxi / Musical Taxi

After a long day of meetings, my client and I were looking forward to a lively discussion with other participants about our day.

The company that had hired me – a large European corporation – was hosting the conference, and everything was extremely well organized, including a taxi, which was supposed to take us to the evening event.

Tired, but full of excitement about socializing with the other participants, we waited for the taxi in front of our hotel.

With screeching tires, a taxi stopped right in front of us and a smiling driver jumped out and cheerfully greeted us with “Company XY?”.


we responded and got into his taxi that had disco music emanating from it. The driver got back into his seat, turned around, looked at our faces, and asked:

“You like this music?”

Whenever he stopped at a red light or a crossing he checked our facial expressions to make sure we were enjoying the music, and that the volume was just right. Whenever he had the impression that we weren’t completely happy with the choice of music, he switched the genre. We listened to everything from Elvis to the Beatles, to Michael Jackson, and the Rolling Stones, and thoroughly enjoyed our drive through Skopje, the capital of Macedonia.

What a great time we had! Never before did I get out of a taxi so full of joy and energy. Thank you very much, our service hero xxxx!

This experience proved it again: great service is an attitude!