Our partner network connects the best professionals for their individual expertise. We are glad to be working with them on singular projects as well as long term initiatives.

You will probably find corporate bios and resumes boring. So do we. That’s why you won’t find any here.

All partners at Sandra Rose and Partner, Masters of Service, share 3 core elements:

  • Each one of us is highly qualified and an expert in what he or she does.
  • We do happily walk the road from pretty theories down to the nitty-gritty of daily operations.
  • We love what we do!

Please meet the person behind the expert…

Jacinda Sroka

Your ,WHY‘

To allow people find and claim their place in life – that is my “WHY”.

I help them embrace their shortcomings with compassion, and encourage them to own their strengths. The people I work with discover who they truly are, and acknowledge that they are different than others. And they learn to appreciate that that is a good thing. This is also my own story. I was able to recognize my own talent and allow myself to be the person I am at heart.

Humor, an open-minded, appreciative approach, and providing SPACE for the individual’s own experience are some of the main tools of my work.

Your ,HOW‘

Keen, focused and intuitive, I work closely with my clients and teams. It provides me joy when my ideas and visions resonate with my clients and help them in their process, and when they start to communicate more authentically. It is important to me that the people coming to me are open to experience the process together, and are willing to change any behavior that no longer serves them.

Your ,WHAT

By trade I am a community developer, deaconess, trainer and coach for profile and voice. I help people find their ‘voice’, so they are able to express themselves in a way that is right for them. Through cooperation, awareness of self develops and along with it self-confidence grows. I connect people.

Some days I work from home, interrupted by phone calls, or a swim in the lake. Often, I’m out and about networking, and coaching clients at their offices in the city. I also conduct trainings and workshops at workplaces and conference centers. At the end of coaching sessions or seminars, the participants have gained a deeper understanding and appreciation of themselves. They are able to more easily bring into harmony who they are and how they present themselves to the world.

I truly laugh a lot – and about all kinds of things. I often laugh about myself, for example when I catch myself chasing a pipe dream, realizing it was just an illusion, such as thinking that there is a thing as ‘perfection’.

I love to laugh with Sandra and other people I meet, often in my workshops and seminars. One attendee recently told me: “The workshop was like a mini vacation and I feel like I learned a lot.” Statements like this make me very happy!

Leonie Uthmann

Your ,WHY‘

I am driven by the opportunity to realize the chance of change literally. That is my purpose. Therefore, I accompany individuals as well as companies in their change approach. For everyone change means something different. I understand my task to enable organizations as well as individuals to develop their great potentials and seek the best out of it.

Your ,HOW‘

Many of us are experts, but the best guideances get everybody out of themselves. I understand my job as coach and consult appreciating by challenging the status quo, initiating change consequently as agile and finally realizing the new with courage and prudence. My clients value me as an effective communicator with empathy, humor and forward-thinking mindset.

Your ,WHAT

I am professional systemic business coach and consultant. Being a creative process enabler and analytical sparring partner are personally my favorite roles in projects.

How does a typical day at work look like? First thought: There are no typical days at work. There are plenty different types. A very enthusiastiv one could be: I start my day with an extra-large cappuccino designing an employer branding concept for a new client, an international service professional firm. Therefore, I call my brand strategist and complete the project design with him. The next agenda point is calling another client to align a draft of leadership coachings we are going to implement on team level in the next months. In the afternoon I take a seat as silent observer at a team meeting. In a feedback session I share my observations and insights with the lead and we concretise our next steps of the team transformation. And finally: It is time for a spritz with friends.

Smart wordplays, razor-sharp satire (eg. column of Harald Martenstein), my own slapstics (dexterity), the sun, the ocean, happy faces.

Janina Felix

Your ,WHY‘

Human interaction and the personal growth of people are the main focus of my work. Supporting people being the best version of themselves – this is why I do what I do. Since my earliest childhood, belonging and developing are two of my top values. Until today I have been grateful to be given the opportunity in supporting organizations, their teams and their individuals to become even more successful.

And – and this is what makes my work so enjoyable – at the same time I am able to live out my values to 100%.

My formula: success = purpose + humanity.

Your ,HOW‘

Every customer is very individual. I don´t offer standard trainings, because everyone has his own story and challenge. Meeting the Management Board always is the starting point of my work. We first take a look at the vision and mission of the organization. Afterwards we develop a plan together in order to enable this vision become reality. It’s my greatest pleasure to support and watch their vision come true.

Transparency, trust and my deepest wish to change the status quo – these are the core components of my work.

Your ,WHAT

Training, coaching, speaking are my business segments. I am working together with international, medium sized as well as family run enterprises. My core fields are: team development, leading change and vision workshops.

I have acquired all my leadership experience in the hospitality business, which naturally draws me towards many clients coming from this industry. You may check out on my testimonials anytime.

What my clients appreciate most is their return of invest: teams become more connected and therefore are performing and collaboration much better, daily targets are reached and leading to a midterm increase of their profit.

The stand-up comedy from my children, the English sense of humor of my husband – although he is Dutch as well as situations with my best friend. Often life can be very funny – I adore experiencing situation comedy – which mostly comes to me, when living in the moment consciously. Being able to let this happen makes me laugh.

That’s what I love and practice, whenever I can!