Macedonia – Rich at heart!

Here’s a special Macedonia story that I experienced before leaving the country after two intensive days of work. On Wednesday in the early morning hours I walked towards the city of Skopje, as I was curious to get a glimpse of it.

Coming back by taxi the driver asked me for Macedonian Denar, which unfortunately I didn’t have enough of. I was short 50 Denar.

There was an ATM at the hotel entrance, but I the minimum withdrawal limit was 500 Denar, which was much more than I needed, as I was about to travel home. So I asked the friendly front desk agent if he could possibly pay the taxi driver 50 Denar and put it on my invoice.

His response was so lovely:

“I cannot do that, Ma’am, not allowed.“

Then he opened his personal wallet and handed me 50 Denar. When I didn’t want to accept his money, he smiled, adding:

“Don’t worry, it’s only 1 EUR. We Macedonians are rich – rich at heart”!

So true indeed!

Personal + Relevant + ❤️


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